John Streiff

My interest in parapsychology and research extends back to 1968. Originally a confirmed skeptic with respect to psi, personal experience began to indicate that I might want to reconsider. My natural curiosity took hold, and I found myself scrutinizing claims ranging from telepathy, to remote viewing to mind-matter-interactions. The net of the work and that of other colleagues has now, over 40 years later, led me to the inescapable conclusion that many effects are quite real.

My professional experience is in spectrum engineering, with expertise ranging from extremely low frequency signals all the way up to cosmic ray behaviors. My personal interests  include magic, mentalism and the psychology of belief.

My research has included controlled field studies and proofs-of-concept in GESP and PK. My research focus involves working with gifted subjects. While I appreciate and applaud those who want to demonstrate the ubiquity of psi, the highly exceptional phenomena and abilities potentially teach us the most. Any theory of psi must consider all possible cases and reliable observations,. Often the extreme studies that challenge us most are a direct result of work with truly gifted subjects. Hence my continuing interest in them and the extraordinary findings they produce.


    IRVA 2016 – A Remote Viewer’s Guide to Reality

    What underlies all Reality? Why are things the way they are as opposed to some other way? What is the role of consciousness? Is it fundamental, or is something else going on? How about time? Does time really flow in two directions? What about cause and effect? Why can psi often be so difficult to reproduce and why does remote viewing sometimes seem so capricious? What is really going on with the conscious and unconscious minds and how does that relate to physics and remote viewing? In this presentation, parapsychologist and author John Streiff asks and answers many of the ‘tough’ questions you probably have about Reality. Based on research spanning over four decades, he will present a new perspective on Reality that challenges almost everything you thought you knew.