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Multidimensional Remote Viewing 10 Week Course Via Zoom Starts June 8th

Online, USA
June 8 - August 27, 2023

Class will be held thursday Mornings 10 am PDT to 1:30 pm

Remote Viewing is an intuitive-based practice that involves utilizing a set of approaches, methods, and theories to gain information not otherwise accessible about the physical world.

While remote viewing can be used to obtain information about people – the main focus is on obtaining information about locations, objects, activities, events, photographs, etc.

It is especially helpful for finding lost objects, research projects, crime-solving, archeological-based inquires, and demonstrating-improving-practicing psi.

Debra Lynne Katz, with occasional special guest teachers, will ensure you gain a solid foundation in remote viewing. You will learn a variety of techniques, and core concepts and approaches borrowed from methodologies such as Controlled Remote Viewing, Extended Remote Viewing, Associative Remote Viewing, but blended into a unique approach developed by Debra, that allows for students to understand the history of other approaches, but enables them to get to the core of what will help them to achieve results as quickly, and inexpensively, as possible.

Amp up your skill level, whether you are brand new or experienced, and at the same time, have a blast!

End goal: to be a well-rounded remote viewer with plenty of techniques and approaches at your disposal so you can handle viewing any target, a wide variety of targets, situations, and experiences as a remote viewer and go on to work with any project manager, instructor or research subject.

Specific attention will be given to helping you to describe lost and missing objects, pets and people.

A simple "best of" form of Controlled Remote Viewing, Extended Remote Viewing, and Associative Remote Viewing within a philosophical framework that promotes flexibility of tools, methods, and approaches depending on the target type, situation, viewer, and client.

Dream ESP – learning how to dream future feedback photos and newspaper editions will also be covered.

By the end of class you will have viewed numerous targets in 12 weeks of all different types and subject matters. The goal is to have a full intuitive tool bag you can draw from for every situation.

Classes are taught via webinar; they are highly interactive, personalized and in a small group format.

Classes are 3 hours to 3.5 long. Weekly homework assignments will be given as well. Class is recorded so if someone misses a class they can listen to a recording but attendance is recommended since it is so interactive.

The remote viewing classes are taught via webinar on http://www.zoom.us.


For all levels & backgrounds

Cooperation & supportive environment.

Lots of open and clear communication

Honesty, Integrity, professionalism.

Relaxed but structured environment.

Clear expectations and objectives.

Varied approaches for all learning styles.

Unlimited permission to grow.

Let's have fun while we learn attitude.

Knowing there are no limits to spirit.

The belief that all students have their own wisdom to share.

Topics That Will Be Covered:

History of Remote Viewing (SRI, U.S. Military, "Foreign Threat"

How RV differs from Clairvoyant Training

Defining RV, and it’s different methods

Targeting, Tasking, Blinding, Frontloading considerations.

Materials and technology – what to use, how to prepare


Simple to Complex Objects

Finding missing objects, pets, people

Abridged Structure of Controlled Remote Viewing

Abridged Structure of Extended Remote Viewing

Associative Remote Viewing

Analytic Overlay

Overcoming Displacement

Initial Probing

Extensive Movement and Mapping Techniques

Time Line Techniques

Getting more out of your session

Understanding lower level and higher level descriptors

Understanding and working with various ways to use ideograms

Use of Sketches and other artistic materials

Various Summarization tools and approaches

Additional resources and next steps after this class

ESP dreaming future newspaper articles and photographs.

Ethics, Grounding, Clearing, Preparation Techniques

Parapsychology Experiments

For pricing and two for one discounts and payment plans visit:


Clairvoyant Program Level I
10-Week Summer Accelerated Clairvoyant Training Program

Starts June 3, 2023 - Saturdays - 9 am to 1 pm PDT.

All Classes taught via Zoom by Debra Lynne Katz

Summer classes are held for 10 weeks, 3.5 to 4 hours per week.

All classes are highly interactive, personalized, taught through live online Webinar format by Debra herself/Audio replays are also available if a class is missed. Students can do make-ups in other classes. Ask Debra about her interest-free payment plan.

What will I learn in the ISC Clairvoyant Program?
Learn the art and practice of clairvoyant reading and healing — a fun, exciting, intuitive method involving the use of visual symbols that come from one's own and other's subconscious. Learn guided imagery techniques that can be worked with to access helpful information about all aspects of a person’s self and life, and to create positive change. Weekly in-class lessons include open questions throughout class, guided meditations, self-healing & manifesting exercises, lectures, discussions, large group, small group and one-on-one practice sessions. Additional group practice sessions and homework supplements this enriching learning experience.

In the ISC Clairvoyant Program you will learn to access, enhance and make use of all your intuitive abilities (even those never experienced before), including:

Clairvoyance Accessing Intuitive Information through Vision, Images, Colors.

Telepathy Mind to mind, or heart to heart communication.

Clairaudience Hearing psi based information in words or sounds.

Clairsentience Feeling others emotions and body sensations

Claircognizance Instant knowing without use of analytic thought.

Somatic Intelligence Body movements or spontaneous actions prompted by unconscious psi

Energy Healing Transforming the building blocks of what keeps someone unwell, or stuck or in pain or distress.

Intro Mediumship Communicating with guides and deceased loved ones safetly.​​

In the ISC Clairvoyant Level One Program you will learn meditative and energetic healing techniques for helping yourself and others to:

Become more focused, grounded, centered and effective in the world

Access deeper parts of your own personality, power and wisdom

Release Stress and Tension

Let go of obsessive and anxious thoughts

Overcome obstacles to achieving and manifesting goals

Start the flow of intuitive information, probe for greater details, and to bypass false analytic-based interpretations

Communicate intuitive-based information ethically, effectively and honestly with others

Control one’s own emotions that can easily distract or distort information

Weekly Topics include but are not limited to:

Turning down one’s analytic mind, turning up one’s intuitive self

Transforming negative or traumatic mental pictures into useful ones

Discovering your own natural visual language and how this relates to emotions

Reading and Healing relationships and manifesting goals

Communicating with spirit guides and deceased loved ones

Reading and healing auras and chakras

Remote Viewing locations and objects

You will learn to overcome bad psychic habits including:

Fishing for information through excessive verbal questioning

Seeking constant validation from your client

Giving analytic inspired advice instead of intuitive guidance

Allowing your emotions or need to be liked to get in your way

Being completely dependent on any physical divination tool outside yourself (rather if you already use a divination tool such as tarot cards you will be helped to have the cards appear visually rather then having you use them in class)

Who is this Class for?

This class will support all other forms and methods of intuitive, therapeutic and healing work. This class is for beginners through professionals. Whether you’ve got absolutely no idea how to even get started, or you wish to supplement a current therapeutic practice with use of your own intuition, or you’ve been doing psychic work professionally for years and are wishing to bring your practice to the next level through increasing your clairvoyant and letting go of bad habits, this class is for you.

Prerequisites: An intense desire and willingness to learn about and enhance your own intuitive potential.

Two for One Special, Payment Plans and Overseas Discounts Available.

International School of Clairvoyance - Visit Website
Debra Lynne Katz, Ph.D | debra@debrakatz.com