Remote Viewing Research

The IRVA Research Unit (IRU)

All IRVA members welcome to participate!

At the core of this initiative early on will be holding monthly creative meetings where members can share research ideas, get input from other members, form their own research teams, present and discuss current RV related research and get involved in each other’s projects. These meetings will be for all those interested in research, whether brand new to it or highly experienced. No degree, affiliation, or anything is required except to be a current IRVA member. Of course we will very much welcome seasoned researchers who can share their expertise as well.

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The Gabrielle Pettingell Memorial Research Fund

IRVA has activated the Gabrielle Pettingell Memorial Research Fund. You can make your tax-deductible contribution by mail or online. We encourage you to be generous, but welcome any amount from $10 to $10,000 or more. You can be sure that your contributions will be used only for worthy research projects (IRVA’s General Fund retains 5% of contributed research funds to offset expenses).

The Gabrielle Pettingell Memorial Research Fund has sponsored IRVA’s first-ever remote viewing research project, the CRV-REG Study; and currently co-sponsors the IRVA⁄IRIS-PA René Warcollier Prize.

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The CRVREG Study

For the experiment, ten people, including six remote viewers, gathered in Austin, Texas to perform 24 remote viewing sessions while random event generators were running. The goal of the experiment was to see if human consciousness expressed during the remote viewing process would correlate with a change away from randomness in the random event generator’s output. In other words, to see if REGs could detect a remote viewer’s consciousness “field.” On a first assessment, at least some of the data seems to show it worked.

On the CRVREG Study website you will find all 24 full sessions with their feedback, along with the complete REG data charts. You will also find all the documentation (experiment design, proposal, etc.). We hope these documents will be helpful to others in putting together their own remote viewing experiments, no matter what sort of experiment they may have in mind. You will also find photographs of the experiment, and other interesting information and facts.

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Guerrilla Funding

Opinion polls regularly show that a large majority of the populace continues to recognize the reality of ESP and other of what we have come to call ‘paranormal’ phenomena. The smaller minority who don’t believe in these things include many in the intellectual elite – the scientists and skeptics who make up today’s Old Guard. They are the ones who hold the purse strings. As long as we must rely on them to open up those purses before we can do more real research into non-local consciousness, that research will never be done! ~ Paul H. Smith

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