IRVA Research Unit

Announcing IRVA’s Latest Research Initiative – IRU – the IRVA Research Unit!

All IRVA members are welcome to participate!

Meetings are held the first Sunday of every month at 2 pm Pacific / 5 pm Eastern Time.
Join us at at the designated time.

The IRVA Research Unit (IRU) doesn’t do the research, it aims to provide a collaborative forum for all those interested in research and to support members in their project development. To this end more content will be added that will aid researchers of all levels including those who don’t have easy access to academic or institutional related resources.

The core of IRVA’s Research Unit initiative will be the regular monthly creative meetings for all those interested in research. All are encouraged to attend whether brand new to research or highly experienced. No degree, affiliation, or anything is required to take part except to be a current IRVA member. All members are welcome, no need to RSVP. Non-members are welcome but should register first (see Upcoming Events). IRU creative meetings will be the first Sunday of each month.

Attendees can share research ideas, get input from other members, form their own research teams, present and discuss current RV related research and get involved in each others projects. Seasoned researchers who would care to share their expertise are very welcome.

IRU Mission

The IRU initiative was launched at IRVA’s 2020 Online Conference, and is still very much in development. If you have ideas for topics please contact us or come to a meeting to suggest your ideas. We will also invite those who are interested to take on volunteer roles in the unit.

Initial Actions for IRU have been identified as follows:

  • Solicit ideas for innovative remote viewing (RV) research projects from a variety of sources, including those involved in remote viewing activities, IRVA members, individuals in private organizations, researchers in academic facilities and innovators and visionaries in interdisciplinary areas.
  • Identify potential research support sources and submit RV or RV related research projects to them for action consideration.
  • Perform liaison and coordination for the research projects that are feasible and accepted by the research support sources.
  • IRU to integrate efforts with other research related IRVA activities, i.e., Warcollier Award.
  • IRU to assist in the development of remote viewers as competent researchers.
  • Prepare guidelines for performing RV research acceptable for professional journal publications or in other sources.
  • Develop procedures for the initiation of a professional Journal of Remote Viewing (JRV).
  • Develop plans for obtaining funds for supporting the various research projects. Funding sources independent of IRVA if necessary.
  • Keep IRVA Board of Directors informed on various existing projects.

Rationale for IRU’S formation

According to IRVA’s founding documents and current website, IRVA was created with four objectives in mind, one being “to encourage scientifically sound research”.

The IRVA Research Unit is being formulated to carry out these objectives, with the recognition research efforts need to be more focused, consolidated, expanded, intensified, and brought into present time.

Efforts such as the Warcollier Award, which was established in 2011, have been successful in reigniting the research mandate and encouraging the development of new researchers, and in raising awareness of remote viewing amongst more seasoned researchers. The new Lyn Buchanan Travel grant for students showing future potential as researchers is also a step in this direction. Still there is much work in this area to be done. We are prepared to do it!

Present IRU Committee Formation Team

Debra Lynne Katz
Dale Graff
Sean Mahoney

Questions? Debra at:

February 4, 2020