25th Anniversary Remote Viewing Contest

You must be a member before May 1 2024 to be eligible for the grand prize.

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Embark on a journey through time and space as we demonstrate remote viewing excellence. Get ready to test your skills, explore unseen realms, and join the International Remote Viewing Association (www.irva.org), now celebrating its 25th Year Anniversary.  Enter to win a free entry/spot on our upcoming conference cruise! To learn more about IRVA, a nonprofit, scientific based organization, visit www.IRVA.org

Your remote viewing transcripts will be rated based on the accuracy of words and sketches, and level of detail. If your handwriting is not easy to read you may wish to include a typed listing of your words along with your sketches.

Contest Rules

Terms and Conditions

  1. This is a remote viewing contest. The goal is to tune into the assigned target that could be anything located in space and time, such as a location, object, activity, or combination.
  2. You may enter the contest one time only. Please make sure that you have completed your session before you upload your transcript here. You can leave this page, and then come back any time you are ready to submit.
  3. The deadline is to upload your transcripts is May 1, 2024 at midnight, PDT. The deadline to upload your transcripts is May 1, 2024, at midnight, PDT. Your feedback will be provided by May 8th. The winner will be announced by May 30th.
  4. Once all transcripts are collected they will be reviewed to ensure the viewers name is hidden from the judging committee. This will be done by assigning the viewer’s a code number which track their application. Transcripts will then be forwarded to the committee that will be made of experienced remote viewers and managers.
  5. Only IRVA members in good standing are eligible to win the First-Place Prize of free entry onto the conference cruise. Those who are not members might consider joining as associate members before the contest closes on May 1, 2024 at midnight PDT. However, non-members are eligible to win a second—or third-place prize, which is a one-year associative-level membership. 
  6. A first-place winner will be selected who is judged to have the most accurate, descriptive, and detailed remote viewing transcript that represents excellence in remote viewing. This winner will be offered a free ticket on the conference cruise that takes place October 5-10, 2024. This ticket includes inside cabin accommodation based on double occupancy, including taxes and fees. (we will find you a roommate if you don’t have one). The winner can upgrade to an individual cabin or another cabin type at their own expense. This ticket includes meals and onboard entertainment but excludes any additional fees for optional shore excursions or drinks with the exception there will be a sponsored cocktail party included in your conference fee. This also includes entry to the IRVA conference program aboard the ship.  To learn more about the cruise click here. 
    All ticket holders will have to travel to and from the departing port at their own expense. IRVA will not be held liable for any illness or injuries that may arise with the cruise. Obtaining trip insurance is highly recommended for all attendees.
    • If the winner prefers to attend the online conference instead, they can instead decide to receive a complimentary ticket to the full online conference that will take place in November. 
    • Another option is to receive a complimentary IRVA membership at the sustainer level, a $500 value. To learn more about IRVA click here. 
    • Second and third-place winners will receive a complimentary one-year associate-level membership to IRVA and complimentary admission to the November online conference. 

Permission Agreement

By submitting a transcript you agree to the following. After the contest has ended,  your transcripts may be used to promote the field of remote viewing & human potential.

They may be used for formal research purposes.

You will have the option at that point to have your name attached to any session that would be shown in any research publication or presentation. Your transcripts will not be used for outside commercial purposes by anyone or any other group outside of IRVA.

They will not be used in conjunction with any financial projects. This is not an ARV (Associative Remote Viewing task). It’s a straight remote viewing task, designed to have you successfully, accurately & in detail sketch & describe a target that has been pre-selected and for which you will receive feedback on May 8, 2024 via the email address you enter into this form.

Further, you will remain the owner of your work and you will be free to show it and promote it anywhere you’d like. You’ll have proof that it was submitted prior to access to feedback.

Fairness and Discrimination Policy

IRVA is a non-profit organization does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, orientation, ethnic background or any other grouping. We welcome members and participants to the contest from people all over the world. To learn about our ethics policies please visit: https://www.irva.org/about/principles-of-community

By Entering the conference you agree to not hold liable IRVA or any other party. Remote Viewing can occasionally cause heightened emotions or exacerbate traumas or mental health conditions. By participating in this contest and uploading a transcript you agree that you understand the potential effects, which are unlikely but possible. You agree you are of sound mind to enter the contest. If you are unsure please do not participate.


To participate in the contest click the link below to register and receive the target number.