IRVA ED Launch 2022

The International Remote Viewing Association was created to promote the responsible practice of, education and training in, and research into the art, science, and phenomenon of remote viewing.

Past organizational efforts have been through annual conferences, ongoing practice opportunities such as IRVA’s Focal Point Group, and highlighting the work of leaders in remote-viewing education.

Now, IRVA’s educational focus is sharpening and expanding into IRVA ED. IRVA ED recognizes a growing need for supportive practice groups and educational opportunities for its members and the community.

IRVA ED, like IRVA, covers all remote-viewing modalities, methods, techniques, designs, and instructional methods.

Just as remote viewers need development, so do instructors. So, in addition to inviting experienced instructors and professionals, we will also welcome those who have not had a lot of teaching experience but are trained and knowledgeable in remote viewing and wish to share.

IRVA ED Activities:

  • Longer terms courses
  • Short term workshops
  • Practice Groups
  • Discussion/Support Groups

IRVA ED Formats:

  • Synchronistic learning – Online via Zoom
  • Distance via various platforms
  • In person


IRVA ED Teacher/Course Positions

Open call for potential instructors and practice or interest group leaders to submit proposals for the 2023 or 2024 calendar years. Interested parties should contact: