IRVA ED Launch 2022

The International Remote Viewing Association was created to promote the responsible practice of, education and training in, and research into the art, science, and phenomenon of remote viewing.  

The International Committee (IC) is an IRVA effort to further IRVA’s mission globally and in the process, assist geographical and language-focused leaders establish Communities of Special Interest (CSI) that reflect the mission and values of IRVA.  

CSIs are subcommittees of the IRVA IC and are and integral part of IRVA.  The governance of CSIs falls under the IC, the latter which establishes the guidelines, policies, procedures, and best practices in consultation with the Board of Directors.  All CSIs are established with approval of the IRVA Board of Directors and must adhere to the policies and guidelines established by IRVA and the IC Committee.  

CSIs are focused on either languages and/or geographical regions. They will be led by volunteer CSI leaders. CSIs help support IRVA’s goals and mission while providing extra activities, programs, and benefits to a specific subgroup that is delineated by either a non-English language (“foreign”) or geographical area outside of the United States and its territories.

In some cases, and with consultation with the IRVA Board of Directors, CSI activities may be linked to IRVA Education (IRVA ED) or IRVA Research Unit (IRU), broadening the audience for CSI activities.

IRVA IC develops the strategy, processes, and standards to ensure that the globalization of IRVA grows consistent with the vision, mission, and values of IRVA. Periodic IC Committee meetings are held to promote best-practices amongst current and aspiring IRVA CSI leaders.

Why become a CSI leader?

CSI Leaders:

  • CSI leaders and members become part of the trusted, prestigious “International Remote Viewing Association” Brand.
  • IRVA is recognized nationally and internationally by researchers, media, think tanks, business and non-government organization (NGO) executives and associations, authors, leading academics, and journalists – and speakers.

Network Strength and Stewardship:

  • Convening power: Covering a 20-year tradition
  • Representation and advocacy of our vital, shared educational mission in support of national network’s brand and convening power
  • Best-practice sharing: annual meetings; occasional conference calls; online; one-on-one advice
  • Opportunities to serve on the IRVA Board

National Programs and Services:

  • IRVA membership discounts may be available to members in countries who cannot afford to pay the full dues.
  • Access to participation in Awards, grant opportunities, research opportunities, etc.
  • Consultations as needed with the IRVA board of directors.

Promotion of CSI leaders Programs

  • CSI leaders events and activities – speakers, initiatives (IRVA newsletters, website, social media)
  • CSI leaders and staff in the media – press coverage, op-eds, notable broadcast interviews (IRVA newsletters, website, social, media, podcasts)

Applying to be a CSI Leader

Those interested in becoming a CSI leader or starting a CSI should:

  1. Read the IC and CSI guidelines, IRVA Principles of Community and Code of Conduct
  2. Complete the CSI Leader application at
  3. Sign the CSI Leader Code of Conduct and submit to

If you have any questions on the IC, CSIs or becoming an CSI leader please contact