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Remote Viewing Conference Videos

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2022 Remote Viewing Conference

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Day 1:
  • Nancy R. Smith & Debra L. Katz: Opening of Conference
  • Russell Targ: Synchronicities Surrounding SRI Remote Viewing Program
  • Angela T. Smith: The History of IRVA & Introducing the new IRVA Historical & Archival Committee
  • Patty Gallagher: Personality Profiling With Remote Viewing
  • Jon Knowles: The Nature of Numbers And Their Application In The Lottery
  • Harold Puthoff: Ask Hal Anything & UFO/UAP Update
  • Tom McNear, Hal Puthoff, Paul Smith, Jeffrey Mishlove, Lyn Buchanan, Marty Rosenblatt, John Brandenburg: Panel Discussion
  • Paul H. Smith: Outbounder Target
  • Michael Ferrier: RV Tournament
  • Dick Allgire & Edward Riordan: Cryptoviewing
  • Paul H. Smith: Outbounder Target Feedback

Day 2:

  • Damon Abraham: Content vs. Meaning in Images
  • Tom McNear: The Fascinating Mysteries of Ingo Swann’s Book: Penetration
  • Tom Atwater: Using Intuitive Processes for Predicting Horse Racing Outcomes
  • Lyn Buchanan: Visions for the Future
  • Dale Graff: Traveling along the RV Trail: 50 years of Time and Space Exploration
  • Marty Rosenblatt: My History/Experiences with ARV and Consciousness
  • Jon Knowles: Alphabetics – Significant Developments Past and Present
  • Jeffrey Mishlove: Ask Jeff Anything
  • Elly Flippen: Stardust Highways: Ingo Swann’s Art of Entertaining
  • Angela T. Smith and Lyn Buchanan: Spoon bending Party

Day 3:

  • Joseph Matto: Remembering The Future: The StarGate Poems
  • Julia Mossbridge: Operational Precognitive Remote Viewing
  • Edward Riordan: Remote Viewing Experiences & Experiments on Video
  • Paul H. Smith: Important Aspects of Remote Viewing
  • Debra L. Katz: IRVA President’s Report
  • Bruno Mortella and David Harker: An Online Remote Viewing Community for the Future
  • Stephan A. Schwartz: 2060 Precognitive Project + Q&A
  • Peter Bancel: Two Problems for Parapsychology, One Solution, and How You Can Help
  • Sandra Hilleard: Forensic Art & Remote Viewing Workshop
  • Marilyn Schlitz: Human Potentials: Exploring Transpersonal Realms of Knowing & Being
2018 Remote Viewing Conference

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2015 Remote Viewing Conference
Jim Channon Commemorative 3-DVD Remote Viewing Conference Set

Set of 3 DVDs: $70.95