Principles of Community

With the goal of an open and comprehensive, yet respectful exchange of ideas the International Remote Viewing Association is committed to fostering a community based on mutual respect, cooperation, professionalism, and fairness for all.

Respectful and open discussions and debates of ideas, theories, methods, practices, writings, controversies, etc. are encouraged as long as they focus on the topic and do not violate the principles of this community.

IRVA members at all levels of membership, past and present board members, volunteers, contractors, all those acting on behalf of IRVA, and all those participating in IRVA’s in-person or online activities or events including conferences, social media, forums, email lists, chatrooms, and virtual meetings, must honor these principles.

IRVA’s remote viewing community is based on principles of:

    1. Openness: We welcome, value and affirm all community members and promote an open and respectful exchange of ideas
    2. Diversity: We appreciate the multiplicity of different approaches and strive to create an open, inclusive atmosphere
    3. Integrity: We encourage practices of the highest quality and professionalism, based on a foundation of ethical principles
    4. Dignity: We honor fairness, respect, and individual dignity, and promote a safe environment, free from harassment and abuse

IRVA does not condone harassment or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, culture, national origin, religion or spiritual beliefs, ability/disability, language, political ideology, or socioeconomic status.

IRVA does not condone bullying: offensive, cruel, intimidating, insulting or humiliating behavior including sexual comments or behaviors, name calling, misrepresentations, lying, or threatening behaviors that undermine an individual or group of individuals. This includes direct or indirect physical, verbal, visual or written communication as well as electronic media.

IRVA reserves the right to cancel membership or expel an attendee from any in-person or online event for violation of these principles.