Remote Viewing Facts and Considerations

Upton Sinclair’s Early Experiments in Remote Viewing, circa 1920
  • Since Remote Viewing is a natural human perceptual capability there has obviously been multiple evolutionary discoveries, interpretations and implementations.
  • Currently some scientists question methodological process values for Remote Viewing. They purport the methods really have no basis of “proof” of working. They also respond that the methods have not been proven NOT to work. We therefore, ask the reader to be critical, cautious, and careful when approaching Remote Viewing method training along with Remote Viewing capability claims made by those “Instructors”.
  • Accepting that Remote Viewing actually works is quite a belief change step for many. It is most important to know Remote Viewing limitations and clear one’s misunderstandings and unreasonable expectations if one wishes to pursue a true path.
  • Individual inherent talent is a significant consideration.
  • In the 1970’s the scientific community, under contract with various United States Government agencies, studied and developed methods, processes, and techniques for psychic intelligence gathering.
  • During this same period the academic community, including reputable archaeologists, studied and implemented remote viewing variations of their own.
  • The contracted scientific community developed and oversaw psychic intelligence activities through most of the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s.