Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.

Beverly Rubik earned her Ph.D. in biophysics at the University of California at Berkeley. She has published over 95 scientific papers and 2 books. Since 1996, Beverly is president and founder of the Institute for Frontier Science, a 501c3 nonprofit research laboratory in Emeryville, California. She serves on the editorial boards of several integrative medicine journals and the Journal of Vortex Science and Technology. Beverly is a professor mentoring masters and doctoral students at Energy Medicine University in Sausalito, CA; and an adjunct faculty member at California Institute for Human Science in Encinitas, CA; and at Saybrook University in Oakland, CA. Her main research interests are measuring the human biofield in extraordinary mind-body states; developing detectors for various aspects of the human biofield (together with Harry Jabs); and investigating potential health hazards of wireless radiation from communication devices. She also conducts research on maverick health and wellness products for clients.


    IRVA 2018 – New Technology to Assess the Human Biofield

    "The biofield is an organizing energy field of life considered by some as central to bioregulation. Interventions such as mind-body practices would be expected to improve the biofield, whereas stressors would be expected to weaken it. In addition, practitioners of yoga, meditation, and qigong who engage in extraordinary states may be able to manipulate the biofield.

    The ultraweak light emitted from organisms (biophotons) is recognized as one component of the biofield. We designed and built a custom photon counting detector system using a photomultiplier tube inside a dark closet. Our experiments show that various regions of the human body, including the hand, forehead, and heart regions, emit photons in the visible spectrum at an extremely low rate (less than 100 counts per min per cm 2 ), in line with published values. We measured the light emitted from practitioners of qigong, meditation, yoga, and various types of energy healing, including Reiki and external qi. In some cases, these practitioners were able to alter their own energy emission dramatically, for example by “opening” and “closing” the “third eye” region, or turning “on” and “off” the sending of healing energy. Moreover, each energy healing session with practitioner and patient was unique in the temporal pattern of biophoton emission measured.

    In other experiments using the Bio-Well, a commercial device for biofield assessment by electrophotonic imaging of the fingertips, one can observe and calculate changes in the induced light emission pre-post intervention or provocation. Beginners performing yoga showed positive changes in the biofield, while experienced practitioners did not show much change because they were already well regulated. In other experiments, short-term exposure to cell phone radiation, an electromagnetic stressor, produced imbalance in the biofields of some but not all healthy subjects. The Bio-Well provides a rapid and reliable method of biofield assessment that is useful in research and clinical practice."