Bill Ray

Bill Ray

Bill Ray, is a former Commander of the Ft Meade RV Unit and one of the five military viewers trained by Ingo Swann. Bill spent over three and one half years with the Ft Meade Unit and has spent approximately eleven and one half years involved with Remote Viewing. He taught a CRV course in Europe for several years. Bill has a bachelors degree in History from the State University of New York and a Masters Degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California. Bill is a retired US Army Major and is now employed for the US Army as a civilian. He has over thirty years in Intelligence, including twenty years in Europe. He currently resides in Wisconsin.


    IRVA 2021 – Extended Remote Viewing From the Field

    Extended remote viewing (ERV) and controlled remote viewing (CRV) are both tools for tapping into the potential of the human mind, but each is performed differently. Join Bill Ray, a monitor in the military’s Stargate unit where he has facilitated ERV sessions, and Pam Coronado, star of Discovery Channel’s Sensing Murder who uses ERV in her work as a missing persons detective, to investigate, “What is ERV and how is it different than CRV?”

    IRVA 2020 — A Discussion on Hypnosis and Remote Viewing

    Hypnosis and Remote Viewing are both tools for exercising and tapping into the potential of the human mind. What exactly is hypnosis and how is it similar to RV and ERV? Can it be used to aid or assist remote viewers? Bill Ray was a remote viewer and monitor in the military’s Stargate unit where he used and facilitated ERV sessions. Pam Coronado, a psychic detective and remote viewer, used hypnosis to help cope with the stresses of traumatic experiences in her work. Sean Mahoney is a certified hypnotist and has been trained in several different methodologies of Remote Viewing. In this discussion, Bill Ray, Pam Coronado, and Sean Mahoney will discuss their experiences and thoughts in this area.

    IRVA 2010 – RV Monitoring: Basics and Blarney

    A basic primer focusing on the do’s and don’ts of RV monitoring that will prove helpful in any of the remote viewing protocols, particularly as it is used in CRV and ERV. It will feature the differences in monitoring of beginning and advanced viewers, monitoring in an operational mode and how that differs from monitoring for training, and provide hints for getting the most from individual viewers based on their viewing abilities and viewing quirks.

    Also discussed are techniques for dealing with viewers who are not able to follow standard RV Protocol. These individuals are normally classified as natural psychics, for lack of a better term.

    The focus of the presentation will be how to obtain results as opposed to proving specific RV methodologies or theory.