Nancy McLaughlin-Walter

Nancy McLaughlin-Walter
Nancy McLaughlin-Walter is completing her PhD in Consciousness and Society with a program emphasis on Humanistic, Critical, & Transpersonal with the University of West Georgia. Nancy’s interests include studying expanded consciousness, the human biofield as it relates to distant healing intention, remote viewing, as well as investigating personal experiences of psi phenomena and parapsychology from a neurophysiological, embodied and phenomenological perspective. Nancy is currently in a unique grant position that is privately funded to promote and combine the research with specialized facilities and instrumentation that is done at the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies and the Monroe Institute. Nancy’s work with both the Division of Perceptual Studies and the Monroe Institute encompasses understanding human consciousness and potential through the use of electroencephalography and survey instruments designed to understand the experience of subjects.


    IRVA – 2021 Research into Altered-State Consciousness via Electroencephalography

    Nancy will be presenting the combined work of Dr. Ross Dunseath with The Division of Perceptual Studies at University of Virginia.  Through the Discovery Mind Mirror program conducted at the Monroe Institute two channel electroencephalography data was collected during subjects altered states of consciousness during remote viewing targeting and out of body attempts.  The data from three separate program times with over 100 trials on more than 50 subjects have been cleaned and analyzed.  A summary of the data analysis results will be presented along with anecdotal information regarding some of the exceptional subjects.