Patrick Marsolek

Patrick Marsolek is a clinical hypnotherapist in Helena MT. He is also the director of the Inner Workings Resources which conducts multidisciplinary investigation into archaeology, geology, consciousness, trance, intuition, remote viewing, sound and healing.

Patrick teaches classes on hypnosis, intuition and self-empowerment. He conducts intuitive, participatory field trips to prehistoric sacred sites working with group consciousness and intention. He also writes articles on these subjects and is finishing an experiential guide to intuition and sensory awareness entitled, The Guest House.


    IRVA 2001 – Developing Sensory Awareness for Facilitation of Remote Viewing

    The focus in this workshop will be to learn flexibility and openness in all areas of perception and personal awareness. It is important to learn how we pay attention and how we perceive along with acquiring specific intuitive protocols.

    Participants will experience perception, visualization, relaxation, and remote viewing exercises with an emphasis on flexibility. Some of the exercises will include: drawing from the right side of the brain, olfactory, tactile and visual descriptions, open focus visualizations (based on Les Femhi’s synchronous alpha techniques.), vocabulary building, and relaxation. These exercises serve to shift the participants mode of awareness over to right brain dominance. This slightly altered state seems more conducive to intuitive perception. In the same way participants will be advised of the use other natural altered states – pleasurable memories, meditation, rhythmic audio entrainment, even dream states and hypnosis – to facilitate intuitive awareness.

    The path to heightened perception and intuition is now mapped better than ever before. But it is only within personal experience that an individual can know the meaning of intuition, consciousness, even spirit. This is why personal experience of intuition is most important. When taken in the perspective of the whole being, lifelong evolution and growth, intuitive and remote viewing skills offer a much greater opportunity than simply satisfying the desires of the cognitive mind. The deeper self can begin to grasp ideas such as non-locality, holographic qualities in nature, and timelessness in a way that has personal meaning. Psi phenomena remind us that the world is profoundly rich, that wonder and awe are important requisites to being human.