Sean Mahoney

sean mahoney

Sean Mahoney holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and has a broad range of work experience having worked in the fields of automotive engineering, Information Technology, and human performance research. His background is mainly in technical project management but he has a strong interest in the potential of the human mind. Sean learned remote viewing in 2012 and later became a certified hypnotist in 2014. He is particularly interested in using tools like remote viewing to tap into human intuition for augmenting creative problem-solving efforts and accelerating the speed of innovation by provoking insights.


    IRVA 2020 — A Discussion on Hypnosis and Remote Viewing

    Hypnosis and Remote Viewing are both tools for exercising and tapping into the potential of the human mind. What exactly is hypnosis and how is it similar to RV and ERV? Can it be used to aid or assist remote viewers? Bill Ray was a remote viewer and monitor in the military’s Stargate unit where he used and facilitated ERV sessions. Pam Coronado, a psychic detective and remote viewer, used hypnosis to help cope with the stresses of traumatic experiences in her work. Sean Mahoney is a certified hypnotist and has been trained in several different methodologies of Remote Viewing. In this discussion, Bill Ray, Pam Coronado, and Sean Mahoney will discuss their experiences and thoughts in this area.