Nancy C. Jeane

Nancy C. Jeane has a M.Ed. with 23 years of experience as an educator in public schools. She has taken remote viewing training from most of the principle remote viewing trainers, including David Morehouse, Lyn Buchanan, Skip Atwater, Joe McMoneagle, and Paul H. Smith. She is currently an assistant instructor and operational remote viewer for RVIS, Inc. She also offers private CRV training in Texas. She was elected to the board of directors of the International Remote Viewing Association in June 2014.

Beyond remote viewing, her certifications include several energy healing modalities including Reiki Third Degree, energy work with Mietek and Margaret Wirkus of Washington DC, and Dr. Norman Shealy of the Holos Institute of Health. For the last six years she has been a Monroe Institute Excursion Trainer and a member of the Monroe Professional Division.


    IRVA 2015 – Remote Viewing Overview: for New Remote Viewing Students

    In this great introduction, Nancy Jeane takes us through the basics of Remote Viewing, including: what it’s all about; selected readings; useful resources. This is an essential presentation for those just getting started, or for those who just want a clearer undetstanding of “What it is Really?”

    Often people attend the IRVA remote viewing conferences out of a strong curiosity to understand what remote viewing is and how it works. Advanced remote viewers can provide complex technical presentations about their remote viewing experiences, and yet by the close of the conference new students of remote viewing may leave with the same questions they arrived with: What is remote viewing really, and how do I learn to do it? Where do I start if I want to become a remote viewer? What are the recommendations that will allow me to be more informed about this subject? How long does it take to be proficient as a remote viewer? Can I do it? What are the strengths and weaknesses of remote viewing as a tool for higher consciousness? What are the basic things I should know about remote viewing that will help me to decide if the study of remote viewing is for me?

    Having recently completed her book Reading My Mind, which is aimed at simplifying the amazing subject of Remote Viewing, Nancy will present on the various types of remote viewing offered in training classes today, what is helpful to know before choosing a training path, and suggestions for helpful study at home.