Nick Cook

Nick Cook is a bestselling author and technology consultant. His non-fiction title The Hunt For Zero Point, published in 2001 (in the UK; 2002 in the US), described his search for the ultimate weapon: anti-gravity technology. Afterwards, he set up a consultancy that worked with the world’s top aerospace and defence companies to turn defence capability into solutions for ‘planetary defence’ against climate change, drought, hunger, poverty, mass-migration, overcrowded cities and humanitarian crises. Today, he blends his experience as an author (of his own fiction and non-fiction books, plus four bestselling Sunday Times ghost-written works) with technology consulting to ‘corporate storytell’ for companies and organisations that want to take a narrative approach to messaging their missions and values. Nick also talks on topics ranging from futuristic aerospace and defence concepts, to AI and consciousness and sustainability – most recently at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) where he spoke on his 25 years’ reporting on the cutting edge of technology and ideas. His latest book, The Grid, a novel, was published in 2019 by Penguin Random House.


    IRVA 2020 — Keynote: Ingo Swann Lost Works

    In 2016, Nick was commissioned by the family of Ingo Swann to write the story of Ingo’s life – taking in his work as an artist and writer, as well as the work for which he is most famous: as one of the founders of the US military and intelligence community’s remote viewing program. While undertaking this assignment, Nick and Ingo’s family discovered amongst Ingo’s papers two near-complete manuscripts – in effect, ‘lost works’ – setting out his views on consciousness and the nature of existence. During his talk, Nick will discuss how these works – bound into a single volume that is due for publication on the eve of the 2020 IRVA conference- amount to Ingo’s ‘grand unified theory’ of matter and spirit, human potential and our place in the order of the cosmos.