Melinda Connor, Ph.D.

Melinda H. Connor, D.D., Ph.D., AMP, FAM holds degrees from Harvard University, Wellesley College, University of San Francisco, American Military University, California Coast University and University of Arizona. As a NIH T32 post doctoral fellow at University of Arizona at the Program in Integrative Medicine she studied under Dr. Iris Bell and Dr. Andrew Weil. A professor at multiple universities, she is the author of 10 books, gives lectures and does research around the world.


    IRVA 2018 – Empirical Test Suite for Energy Practitioners

    One of the major difficulties in the ability of a scientist to provide accurate results when testing within the energy healing discipline is the lack of an evaluation protocol to determine practitioner competence. An empirical test for energy practitioners has been developed including measures using Triaxial ELF Magnetic Field meter, Data Logging Multi meter, RF Field meter, Acoustimeter, Broadcast Frequency counter, digital pH meter, digital ppm meter, GDV and physiology suite including HRV, GSR, Respiration, EMG, EKG, Temp and BVP. Test results for over 500 practitioners of various styles of energy work will be presented. Limitations of the test suite will be discussed.