Cleve Backster

After World War II experience as a naval officer in the West Pacific theater, Mr. Backster established the polygraphy program at the Central Intelligence Agency beginning in 1947. In the mid-1960s, he began experiments with plants and other biological entities to see if they exhibited electromagnetic responses to distant stimuli. Associated with this were a number of psychokinetic experiments conducted with a newly emerging parapsychology researcher named Ingo Swann. Cleve Backster played an important role in bringing Mr. Swann and Dr. Hal Puthoff together for the first time in what ultimately led to the quarter-century-long government remote viewing program.


    IRVA 2002 – Hypnosis Experiments Involving a Practice Similar to Remote Viewing

    Mr. Backster will speak on hypnosis experiments involving a practice similar to remote viewing that he conducted in the 1940s, on his current work exploring the non-local interactions of biological systems, and on his historical involvement in the early days of the government remote viewing program.