Tom Atwater, Ph.D.

Tom Atwater, Ph.D., has been doing Associative Remote Viewing since 2006 for horse racing, sports and FOREX trading. He received RV training from Pru Calabrese, Marty Rosenblatt, Skip Atwater, Julia Mossbridge and John Vivanco, but mostly learned on his own how to access his intuition in this way. Tom pre- pares for new experiences in applying intuitive methods for financial gain by taking time to clearly state his intentions, convince himself that he is good at what he does again, and relaxing and having fun with it all. In addition to horse racing, Tom had a winning track record in FOREX and sports predictions for the ARV-based Applied Precognition Project (which he co-founded but has since departed) and in some other FOREX groups. While at the University of Minnesota earning a Ph.D. in physics, Tom was published in peer-reviewed journals. He is currently working on other psi research projects for publication.


    IRVA 2004 - Using Intuitive Processes for Predicting Horse Racing Outcomes