The Gabrielle Pettingell Memorial Research Fund

gabrielle pettingellThe Gabrielle Pettingell Memorial Research Fund was created by the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) in 2002 to honor the late Gabrielle Pettingell. Gabi resigned from her appointment as a captain in the US Army to take a civilian position as a remote viewer in the Sun Streak military remote viewing program at Fort Meade, Maryland in 1987. She was a brilliant student and soon became proficient in both controlled remote viewing and extended remote viewing. It was not long before she herself was training other new remote viewing recruits. In 1991 Gabi left the remote viewing program (now known by the name Star Gate) to accept a position in an even more secret intelligence project, but she never lost her love for, and proficiency in remote viewing.

After leaving government services, earning her MBA from Wharton College and working for a few years teaching business principles to students in Moscow, Russia, she became an assistant instructor, project manager, and associate of Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc. During this time, she was actively involved in some of the original practical applications experiments with associative remote viewing (ARV), designing and participating in pilot ARV studies that resulted in both highly significant results and a profit. She was a presenter at the 2001 Remote Viewing Conference, but was killed in a tragic automobile accident in Florida as she returned home from taking her daughter to Girl Scout camp just a week before the 2002 Remote Viewing Conference began. At the time of her passing, she was the mother of three children, a Girl Scout leader, and a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserves, for whom she taught classes in the resident portion of the Army’s Command and General Staff school.

During her career as a remote viewer, Gabrielle Pettingell played a noteworthy role in the secret history of military remote viewing, and introduced numerous innovations that have long since become part of the remote viewing process. We can think of no more fitting way of honoring her memory than by helping people contribute to remote viewing progress through the research fund in her name.

The Gabrielle Pettingell Memorial Research Fund has sponsored IRVA’s first-ever remote viewing research project, the CRVREG Study; and currently co-sponsors the IRVA and IRIS-PA created René Warcollier Prize for excellence in remote viewing research.

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