Welcome to the International Remote Viewing Association

icoEye IRVA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the responsible use and development of remote viewing. We are an independently formed member organization of scientists, remote viewing professionals, students, and other interested persons. For more information, read the Letter of Invitation from Russell Targ, President Emeritus of IRVA.

Remote viewing is a novel perceptual discipline for gaining information not available to the ordinary physical senses. Used extensively by so-called "psychic spies" during the Cold War for classified military projects, it has a long history both as an intelligence gathering tool and as the subject of research and applications in the civilian world. Remote viewing has now taken a long step into the public domain with the formation of a professional association to educate, research, propose standards, test performance, and promote public awareness of this unique human mental capacity.


Fireside Chat Videos

We're pleased to announce that the recent "Fireside Chat" videos with remote viewing luminaries Russell Targ and Paul H. Smith are now available, free of charge, on our Vimeo page. Videos from the recent conferences are also available on this page for purchase or rent. IRVA Videos

IRVA welcomes Sean Mahoney to its Board of Directors.

Sean Mahoney holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in mechanical engineering and has a broad range of work experience having worked in the fields of automotive engineering, Information Technology, and human performance research. His background is mainly in technical project management but he has a strong interest in the potential of the human mind. Sean learned remote viewing in 2012 and later became a certified hypnotist in 2014. He is particularly interested in using tools like remote viewing to tap into human intuition for augmenting creative problem solving efforts and accelerating the speed of innovation by provoking insights.

IRVA and iRiS Intuition Sponsor the René Warcollier Prize

Rene Warcollier

Applications now being accepted for the 2019 IRVA- iRiS Intuition Warcollier Prize.

The International Remote Viewing Association in partnership with iRiS Intuition is pleased to announce the competition for an international research award that reflects development of remote viewing and the promotion of the highest standards in remote viewing research. The 2019 prize includes a sum of $3000 USD to the winning scientific experimental proposal. The Award winner will be announced on the IRVA website in 2019. Any competent researcher may apply, regardless of institutional affiliation or academic background.

IRVA welcomes Debra Lynne Katz to its Board of Directors.

Debra Lynne Katz has been training in, practicing and teaching numerous psi based methodologies for 25 years. She is a two time winner of IRVA-IRIS Warcollier Prize (2011, 2015), which launched her onto the path of formal research and eventually into a Ph.D. program at University of West Georgia, where she has just completed all her course work in a Psychology and Consciousness program. She has also been studying the Ingo Swann Archives for the past few years, which are also located in UWG’s Ingram Library’s Special Collections. Debra is the Director of The International School of Clairvoyance, and author of three books on intuitive development, including:You are Psychic; Extraordinary Psychic; and Freeing the Genie Within. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is a former United States Probation Officer. She has been an active IRVA member almost a decade, and is also a member of several other parapsychological oriented organizations.

Happy Near Year, remote viewers... and Happy upcoming 20th birthday, IRVA!

Join us for the upcoming year of celebration! IRVA President John Cook provides some details: International Remote Viewing Association Video

New Issue of Aperture Now Available!

Aperture 31

IRVA members can download the new 2018, Issue 31 of Aperture from the IRVA website. It features "Dreams and Remote Viewing" by Dale E. Graff; "Amelia Earnhart Redux" by Angela T. Smith, P.h.D.; "Meeting Bob Monroe" by F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater; "Soul Rescue" by F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater; and more.

The new online Aperture is available in two formats: a downloadable Adobe PDF file, and a full color printed version that can be purchased (at cost), from MagCloud, and delivered to your door.

Members can download their copy by logging-in when requested. Click the "lost password" link if this is your first time logging-in.