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Intro to Remote Viewing (RV) - the Paranormal Academy With Angela Thompson Smith

July 15, 2023

Online, Zoom


"Remote Viewing (RV) recently celebrated its 50th anniversary marking five decades of research and development. Beginning in the 1970s, at Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Remote Viewing is “the trained ability to perceive locations, objects, persons and events that are shielded from the viewer by distance and time.” In popular terms, Remote Viewing is “the ability to mentally perceive information using something other than the known five senses”.

Remote Viewing began as a simple Out-Bounder research exercise, through major developments to become the established protocols that researchers, instructors and practitioners use today. Many people also equate Remote Viewing with the US military’s Star Gate Unit that operated for over 20 years, and which eventually led to dozens of RV schools around the USA and abroad."

Dr. Angela Thompson Smith trained during the 1990’s in Remote Viewing with two of the ex-Star Gate Remote Viewers: Paul H. Smith (RVIS) and Leonard (Lyn) Buchanan (PSI). She also spent 5 years at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab, participating in Precognitive Remote Perception (PRP) research.


The goals of this Module are to share the early history and development of Remote Viewing from Ingo Swann and Dr. Janet Mitchell coining the term, through the developmental stages of RV at SRI and its subsequent adoption by practitioners around the world. All classes will be recorded so you won't miss anything!

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