Welcome to the International Remote Viewing Association

icoEye IRVA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the responsible use and development of remote viewing. We are an independently formed member organization of scientists, remote viewing professionals, students, and other interested persons. For more information, read the Letter of Invitation from Russell Targ, President Emeritus of IRVA.

Remote viewing is a novel perceptual discipline for gaining information not available to the ordinary physical senses. Used extensively by so-called "psychic spies" during the Cold War for classified military projects, it has a long history both as an intelligence gathering tool and as the subject of research and applications in the civilian world. Remote viewing has now taken a long step into the public domain with the formation of a professional association to educate, research, propose standards, test performance, and promote public awareness of this unique human mental capacity.


2015 Remote Viewing Conference DVDs Now Available!

Missing persons, lost nukes, R&D, raising more intuitive kids, and humanitarian work. Ever wonder about the range of applications remote viewing can support? Our 2015 Remote Viewing Conference touched on all of these, plus topics around the underpinnings of RV itself, both theoretical & practical, including a fascinating talk by keynote speaker Dr. Hal Puthoff. You may not have been able to attend this event, but you're still not too late to take it all in! Go to IRVA Video Store.

IRVA is pleased to announce the addition of Paul O'Connor to its Board of Directors.

Paul O'Connor, founder of PSI-PURESTREAM, is a professional CRV Remote Viewer and Trainer, and is one of only 5 CRV Trainers worldwide trained by Lyn Buchanan of P>S>I>. Paul is an international speaker and has presented on CRV Remote Viewing topics on radio, on camera, and at forums and conferences in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the USA. He is the moderator of the LinkedIn CRV Group. Paul is an architect by training and profession, an innovation consultant, a business strategist, and designer of strategic risk scenario exercises and business war games. He is the Chairperson of a charitable foundation that provides trauma healing to survivors of conflict and natural disasters, and received a humanitarian award for work in Pakistan and Kashmir following the 2005 earthquake. He holds qualifications in Architecture from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), and in Business Innovation from Dublin City University (UCD). Paul is based in Ireland, but travels whenever the opportunity arises.

IRVA Online Conference: June 10 & 11, 2017

Remote Viewing is non-local... and this time, so is our conference! This exciting June 10th & 11th event will be hosted completely online, and includes two full days of speakers & activities. it can be attended live, with interactive Q&A opportunities, and also viewed later, as you will enjoy access to archived recordings of the sessions, available to you on-demand until the end of June. Check out the details as they unfold at and register today!

New Issue of Aperture Now Available!

Aperture 28

IRVA members can download the new 2017, Issue 29 of Aperture from the IRVA website. It features "Veronicube: Random-Event Generators in Remote Viewing" by David Barnes; "Synchronicity at the Fort Meade Remote Viewing Unit; "IRVA 2016 Conference" by John G. Kruth; "South of Science: Remote Viewing and Religion" by Primasita Menor; and more.

The new online Aperture is available in two formats: a downloadable Adobe PDF file, and a full color printed version that can be purchased (at cost), from MagCloud, and delivered to your door.

Members can download their copy by logging-in when requested. Click the "lost password" link if this is your first time logging-in.