Manori Sumanasinghe

Manori Sumanasinghe, B.Arch. is an award-winning practitioner of architecture and a designer based in Los Angeles. She began meditation and the study of Theravada Buddhist philosophy during childhood in Sri Lanka. Her current interests include Application of Theory & Philosophy of Consciousness, Consciousness and Built Environment, Life Purpose, Inmate Rehabilitation, and The Role of Art and Design in Consciousness Development. Her motivation to study these topics arises from a desire to understand the self and to apply this knowledge to address larger societal challenges we face in our world today. Manori is a co-founder of I-ACT. She is a volunteer at the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) and International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL).


    IRVA 2018 – Design and Technology as Applied Consciousness Science

    The development of applications can help to establish emerging theories and fields of study such as consciousness science. Engineering, Design and architecture are examples of applied fields that can develop valuable applications of consciousness knowledge. All of our interactions are mediated through being or consciousness, establishing a two-way relationship between consciousness and everything else. Therefore, we can work under the hypothesis that by curating and designing our experiences with environments and objects we interact, that we can affect the well-being and development of consciousness. We will provide examples of how design and technology can promote states of higher awareness, well-being and performance and how consciousness can inform design and technology. Ultimately, we seek to encourage others to apply their expertise to reveal applications of consciousness in their fields and vice-versa. As valuable applications are developed, consciousness science and practice will demonstrate real-world solutions that can help humanity develop together through more conscious communities.