Ellen Huffman-Zechmen M.D.

ellen zechmen

Dr. Ellen Huffman-Zechmen, is a former board member of the American Board of General Practicea nd past president of the American Academy of General Physicians. She is a Social Security Disability Consultant and former Veteran’s Administration Disability Consultant. She is owner and director of Skin Solutions, a non-surgical aesthetics medical practice. She began her remote viewing training in 2008, and is currently advising and helping to facilitate the Rhine Research Center Remote Viewing interest group.


    IRVA 2015 – Broken Arrow Project: What’s in your backyard? Remote Viewing and Dowsing Cold War incidents.

    You are living in a quiet rural community when you discover that a bomb from the Cold War era is submerged a few miles away from your lovely neighborhood… 250 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima! Dr. Ellen Huffman-Zechman brings on a team of remote viewers to investigate a concerning claim that a downed Cold War bomb is lying submerged only a few miles away from her home in this fascinating presentation at IRVA Conference in New Orleans, 2015.