Simon Turnbull

Simon Turnbull has been a professional psychic for over thirty years, the last seventeen years as President of the Australian Psychics Association. Prior to becoming a full-time psychic, Simon was a professional singer-songwriter and recording artist. He toured Australia and New Zealand playing the part of an apostle in Jesus Christ Superstar, in a version of the stage-production regarded as one of the best in the world.

His great-grandfather was General Lev Ivanov, who was in charge of Czar Nicholas II’s Guards Regiment at the Catherine Palace. It was the General who was responsible for admitting famed Russian psychic Rasputin into the palace on his many visits to see the Tsarina. It was the first-hand accounts about Rasputin, told to him by his grandmother, which inspired him to become a psychic.

Simon Turnbull co-founded the Australian Psychics Association in 1983 and the Australian Psychic Hotline in 1993. He has been tasking in excess of 100 psychics over the last eleven years. Simon is also a remote viewing researcher with PRV Associates. He completed a research project in 2003 looking at ways to predict the stock market on a daily basis using a form of remote viewing called Predictive Remote Viewing (PRV).


    IRVA 2004 – The Future of Remote Viewing

    Mr. Turnbull addresses the question: Is remote viewing the way of the future or is it destined to be forever a niche area of interest?