Hoyt A. Stearns Jr.

Hoyt A. Stearns Jr.is the former president of the International Society of Unified Science, promoting the unified physical theory of Dewey B. Larson called the “Reciprocal System.” Hoyt obtained his Master of Electrical Engineering from Cornell University in 1967. During his career he has designed electronic systems and computer programming for embedded and real-time systems and holds two patents on electric tip-jet helicopters (4,702,437; 4,720,059).


    IRVA 2001 – A techie looks at the non-physical universe: Physical Reality from a non-physical perspective

    The sages, from ancient writings to modern channels such as Seth, Abraham, and Lazaris have been presenting a consistent explanation of how the universe really works. They’ve contended all along that there are no secrets, and full explanations are available for the asking (ask and it is given).

    The problem has been that we haven’t had a conceptual framework to understand what they’ve been saying and/or the answers are so different than what we want to believe that they just aren’t accepted.

    I’ve begun to synthesize a model of how RV and reality works by studying this information.

    Prepare to have some beliefs shattered!

    Some Questions I will answer from my perspective:

    • Why scientific research into paranormal phenomena is misguided.
    • Why are paranormal experiments so ambiguous?
    • What is the fundamental nature of non-physical reality?
    • Why are we here?
    • How does anomalous information come into our consciousness?
    • Learn to love the Skeptics.
    • All is well, there’s no need to worry about anything.
    • Why the “veil”?
    • What’s required to make money in the lottery or stock market
    • What is the “truth”?