Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith has been a teacher, principal and public education activist for over twenty years. She manages the Sublime Remote Viewing Group which predicts outcomes through Associative Remote Viewing. She also works in remote healing and participates in collaborative RV work to find missing people. Nancy has been involved with the Applied Precog Project since its inception as a remote viewer, analyst-judge, group manager and presenter for the APP Workshops. She serves as a Monroe Institute Outreach Trainer and is a member of the Monroe Professional Division


    IRVA 2017 – Dream Remote Viewing Workshop

    Can you dream your way to accurate remote viewing data? Dale Graff and Nancy Smith will guide you through a two-part interactive workshop that explores how the dream-state can be used to RV. In the first session, participants will be given the background necessary to do a simple dream-RV session, and assigned a target. That same evening, they will go to sleep intending to collect relevant information about that target. On the conference’s second day, a debriefing session will take place, and target feedback will be provided!

    IRVA 2016 – Remote Viewing in Dreams: Can it Work for ARV?

    Can remote viewers predict the outcomes of a series of future events using a hybrid of remote viewing and dream-state ESP? Find out when the Sublime Remote Viewing Group, a close knit group of experienced remote viewers who have worked together for five years reports on its year-long project ultimately involving fifty carefully designed attempts to remote view the future while in a dream state. In the same talk, the Sublime Group will tell you how it successfully replicated one of the iconic associative remote viewing studies, with phenomenal success. They will not only discuss how they did it, but also the group dynamics, to include viewer experience, group cohesiveness, viewer/manager connectedness, longevity, and predictions. You will also hear and get tips about how they progressed from doing only informal independent projects to executing formal scientific peer-reviewed projects as an independent research group. This is a “must-attend” for anyone interested in novel approaches to remote viewing, and especially those who want to use remote viewing for investing.