Daz Smith

Daz Smith has been Remote Viewing in the UK since 1997. Daz trained in the SRI/Military technique called CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing).

For the past two decades  he has practiced Remote Viewing and has developed it to a level whereby he now feels very comfortable with his overall accuracy and ability and can confidently pass this on to clients.  Remember – a Remote Viewer is never 100% accurate 100% of the time but saying this, they can be spookily accurate on occasions. Most of the time they hover around the 60 – 80+% accurate mark.

Many examples of Daz’s Remote Viewing projects and participation can be found on this website and on many others where he has participated in public demonstrations of Remote Viewing. This includes large projects such as years of work at The Farsight Institute for Courtney Brown on the Climate change project, Multiple Universe Project and the Mysteries project and others.


    IRVA 2017 – Panel Discussion: Telepathic Interference in Remote Viewing

    What impact, if any, can telepathic interference have on the process of remote viewing? Can the beliefs or intentions of taskers, monitors, and viewers significantly influence the result of an operational RV session, even under blind conditions? These questions have been guaranteed flashpoints of passionate debate within the RV community for over two decades. In this session, Pam Coronado, Daz Smith, and John Cook sit down for a “virtual round-table” exploration of the topic and its implications for the field.