Nick Seferlis

Nick Seferlis has been a practitioner and trainer of cutting edge psychologies for over 30 years. He has studied with Remote Viewers, Medical Intuitives, and Energy Psychology pioneers. Nick has developed Intuitive Healing Technique, a treatment that merges these techniques. Nick is a licensed counselor in Portland, Maine. He uses a combination of therapies, along with his Intuitive Healing, to help clients. He is currently busy training professionals in the use of Intuitive Healing and other energy psychologies.


    IRVA 2007 – Healing, Intuition and Remote Viewing

    The goal of this presentation is to explore non-traditional healing modalities using intuition, energy, and thought forms. Participants will explore energy/life force and healing that Nick has discovered from his training in Remote Viewing and other modalities. He will reveal how these methods relate to healing. The presentation will include demonstrations as well as group and individual experiences with healing techniques.

    IRVA 2004 – Remote Viewing and Intuitive Healing

    The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the incorporation of Remote Viewing and Intuition into the physical and emotional healing aspects of life. Using Remote Viewing, I have developed Intuitive Healing as a therapy process. This presentation will include how I developed this healing technique as well as a demonstration of its use.

    IRVA 2002 – Remote Viewing, Remote Healing, and the Life Force

    The purpose of this workshop is to incorporate Remote Viewing and the Life Force energy into the physical and emotional healing aspects of life. Using Remote Viewing, I have developed Intuitive Technique as a therapy process. This workshop will be a hands-on experience, letting participants experience the use of Remote Viewing skills for diagnosing and healing of themselves and others.

    IRVA 2001 – Intuitive Therapy: Remote Viewing and Healing

    Intuitive Therapy uses thought/mind energy to help diagnose and treat client’s emotional and/or physical problems. This interactive program will introduce techniques which will enhance and expand intuitive skills. In this introductory program, participants will have an experience of remote viewing, learn the three types of healing energy, and skills used by medical intuitives. Participants will learn how they apply to healers and therapists and observe a demonstration of Intuitive Therapy in action.