Alexis Poquiz

Alexis Poquiz is an Ambassador for APP. He has a B.A. in Economics from UW and is currently a student pursuing a Computer Science Degree. He served in the U.S. Marine Corp as a Battalion Logistics Embarkation Chief. Alexis is currently in charge of developing a comprehensive relational database to enable APP to extract meaningful relationships and correlations from the data theyhave collected. He is recognized for using an unorthodox approach of utilizing complex sets of algorithms to systematically score and evaluate remote viewing sessions. Alexis is the original administrator and founder of the largest remote viewing group in Facebook since 2004.


    IRVA 2014 – Advances, Innovations and Statistics in Applying Precognition

    The presentation introduces an innovative method for calculating “Anomalous Cognition Ratings” to represent an individual’s remote viewing skill level versus chance. Remote viewing the future always involved analysis and judging in one form or another to make specific predictions which become part of APP’s database. We present underlying connections behind the statistics to reveal important information about precognition.

    How do you distinguish one remote viewer from another? How can you compare and gauge the skill of an individual remote viewer amongst their peers? We introduce the concept of Anomalous Cognition Ratings, a numerical representation, of an individual’s ability to perform anomalous cognition above chance.