Markus Perk

Markus Perk, Ph. D., born 17th Sept. 1972 in Bochum, GermanyPrimary school, high school, military service, Ruhr-University Bochum (diploma grade as geophysicist), University of Cologne (Ph. D. thesis)

Working in the energy storage sector as consultant (main job)

Side jobs as Reconnective Healing practitioner and remote viewer.

Education as Remote Viewer in Germany (Remote Viewing Akademie, Manfred Jelinski) and Ireland (Paul O’Connor).

Co-author of books: „Die Bar am Ende des Universums“ 4 (2015) and 5 (2019): „Remote Viewer in Deutschland berichten“ (translated: “the bar at the end of the universe”: “remote viewers in Germany report”)

Cooperation with the Husick group, Daz Smith and Rick Hilleard (FB group) and working with German remote viewers as consultants (


    IRVA 2020 — Remote Viewing and Physics - The Worldview of the Physicist Burkhard Heim

    By expanding our known 4-dimensional world to another 8 imaginary dimensions (x5 – x12), the physicist Burkhard Heim (1925 – 2001) showed that information and ‘meaningfulness’ of events (i.e. probabilities, negative entropy) are a fundamental and a self-existing part of our universe. Heim’s approach was to achieve a complete metrisation of 12-dimensional space and to extend gravity into the quantum range (which he successfully did). By this, he was able to understand not only the properties of the separate upper dimensions but also to achieve an approach for the transition from matter to life and mind processes within a single sophisticated physical theory. Many of his results also show up in remote viewing sessions which also go beyond the realms of certified data