Jon Noble

Jon is currently (2021) a Director and Secretary of IRVA.  After first experiencing remote viewing during a conference with RV pioneers Russell Targ and Stephan Schwartz, Jon has made it a mission to promote the practice and introduce it to others. To that end, he started a remote viewing group in 2011, with the goal of providing an open, friendly environment in which to discuss and practice remote viewing. The group meets regularly in Manhattan, NYC. Jon runs Focal Point, IRVA’s online target practice program, and publishes practice targets on the website related to his book, Natural Remote Viewing – A practical guide to the mental martial art of self-discovery.


    IRVA 2017 – Introduction to Remote Viewing

    Jon Noble runs a regular remote viewing practice group in New York to provide an open, friendly environment to discuss and practice remote viewing. He is the author of a concise and practical introduction to remote viewing, Natural Remote Viewing