Janet Mitchell, Ph.D.

Janet Mitchell, Ph.D., did research at the American Society for Psychical Research from 1967 – 1981. Charles Honorton, Psychophysical Research Laboratories at Princeton wrote, “Janet’s pioneering research on perceptual and psychophysiological aspects of “out-of-body experiences has established a standard of excellence in an area that has traditionally been so ‘soft’ that one might call it ‘mushy.’ Due in large part to Janet’s work in this area, it can now be said that a firm foundation for serious, controlled and systematic research has been laid for the study of these ephemeral human experiences.


    IRVA 2018 – Is There a Physical Component to ESP Interactions at a Distance?

    There are many scientific results which show a person to be interacting at a distance. We know the result, but what is the process? We have changes in temperature, film exposure, Puthoff's magnetometer and Swann's remote viewing with a corresponding loss of electricity in his EEGs, as examples. Does anything go out of the body? Can we discover light, kinetic effects or other physical criteria at the target site?