Jean Millay, Ph.D.

Jean Millay, Ph.D., received her degree in 1978 in Human Science from Saybrook Graduate School and Research Institute. For 6 years she was president of the Parapsychology Research Group in San Francisco. Her latest book about her years of research is : Multimdimensional Mind: Remote Viewing in Hyperspace. It is a Universal Dialogs Book published by North Atlantic Books in Berkeley, CA.


    IRVA 2001 – A Possible Relationship Between the Ability of Couples to Establish EEG Phase Coherence and their Ability to do Remote Viewing Successfully

    Using alpha brainwave biofeedback, we attempted to train 32 volunteers to establish inter-hemispheric phase coherence. Most of the volunteers were students. Each had a partner with whom s/he had previously established some rapport, and each team was motivated to improve inter-personal communication. None had any psychic training except one apprentice shaman in the first group and a spiritual healer in the second group. After they practiced inter-hemispheric “sync,” they attempted to establish interpersonal “sync” as a team. In addition, each team completed from ten to thirty free-response telepathy trials. Among sixteen pairs of subjects, those teams with the highest average interpersonal phase coherence scores tended strongly to have the highest average telepathic scores as judged by blind matching techniques ( r =.74, p< .001 ). This remarkable correspondence, between different types of scores taken at different times, encouraged us to explore several different ways of studying the results of the free-response telepathy (in which pictures were used as targets). We also conducted thirty-five remote viewing experiments using an outbound team to “project” their perceptions of distant environments to two exceptionally talented artists in different places. The artists had not taken part in the brainwave “sync” training. Nevertheless, their remarkably accurate drawings, from ten to three-thousand miles away, are truly amazing.

    These results of my own thirty years of investigation into the multidimensional nature of consciousness demonstrate that even those who are untrained in psi activity are capable of doing remote viewing. With over 400 examples in color to choose from, I intend to show some of the successful responses along with some of those results that were only partially successful. These examples can show how the psi process works when it works, and why it doesn’t work when it doesn’t. We are all multidimensional beings, and our brains are hardwired to be able to establish communication with other dimensional realms. However, we must choose to create the software that allows us to realize and experience these fundamental connections we all have with the hyperspace.

    Discovery of the quantum hologram, almost ten years ago, by physicist and MRI expert Walter Schempp has proved to be an exciting and powerful development for explaining a host of unexplained psychic events–including remote viewing and other subjective phenomena. Rooted in the well known quantum emission/absorption phenomenon, and experimentally validated now in several applications, the quantum hologram is a non-local, natural, information mechanism that is generated by and carries information about every macro-scale physical object, thus extending quantum theory to all macro-scale matter. For the first time, matters of mind are amenable to investigations within valid scientific theory rather than as curious anomalies.