Coleen Marenich

Coleen Marenich trained with Lyn Buchanan to the professional level, and has graduated special-applications courses in Controlled Remote Viewing, to include Project Management. She is a CRV Training Coordinator for Canada, a CRV Mentor, a member of the Professional Controlled Remote Viewing Association (PCRVA) and Director of the P>S>I Operational Certification Program where she helped develop new operational training standards. Two years ago she formed a remote viewing project management company, Gadorian Group Inc., and has worked with graduates of the OCP to provide Controlled Remote Viewing projects to the community at large in the areas of asset recovery, business and missing persons.


    IRVA 2009 – Developing Standards in the Remote Viewing Industry

    Co-Presenter:Ms. Coleen Marenich with Mr. Lyn Buchanan

    Part 1: Describing the standards developed for professional-level training for Controlled Remote Viewers including standards created for managing operational projects.

    The needs and demands of today’s business clients created a need for a new professional level training program with new training standards.Mrs. Coleen Marenich’s training, research and experience in providing CRV Project Management services to the professional-level remote viewers of the Professional Controlled Remote Viewers Association (PCRVA) has made her the person for the job. She has developed new standards basednot on laboratory work, but on the learned needs of the marketplace. She will review these standards in Part 1 of this Co-Presentation with Lyn Buchanan, showing how demands and expectations of discerning clients have shaped the new standards in training and development for professional-level viewers and the management of commercial remote viewing projects.