John C. Kortum

John C. Kortum is an autodidact, author and the developer of The Kortum Technique. He consults, speaks, and teaches worldwide on sensory integration and teaches health care practitioners how to apply his technique in their patient practice. He has demonstrated his technique in the original series “The uneXplained” on A&E Biography Channel, The Dr. Oz Show, ABC News, NBC News, and Fox News.

He has over twenty years of experience facilitating workshops and his facilitation skills have been written about in The Washington Post. He was also a residential trainer at the world-renowned Monroe Institute from 1998-2012, where landmark Remote Viewing research was recognized


    IRVA 2014 – The Kortum Technique

    The Kortum Technique is an intuitively based, teachable medical assessment tool that expands our current level of diagnostic proficiency. This form of perception is intuitive in that information is received or known through capabilities that exist beyond the process of logical reasoning and the use of our ordinary five sensory system. The assessment is performed by optically blending our eyesight with our intuitive perception, which creates a highly sensitized visual channel when observing the direct presence of any human being. The technique converts the body’s universal codification of health into a coherent anatomical lexicon called “indicators”. These indicators correlate to the body’s major organs and systems and identify both healthy and unhealthy biological patterns.

    In 2001, John approached the conventional health care delivery system to evaluate his techniques with scientific protocols in place. His results were 93% accurate for identifying health imbalances by simply looking at patients. His seminal literary work, The Kortum Technique: How to Access the Human Body’s Natural Blueprint for Health and Healing, explains the clinical evaluation and sensory orchestration that identifies organ imbalance.

    In this workshop John presents a richly concentrated introduction to The Kortum Technique and the intuitive perceptual style that reveals the human body’s natural language for health and healing. He will define and discuss the intuitive process of The Kortum Technique, describe the symbology of indicators that correlate to body organ system imbalances, illustrate the measured performance of the technique in a clinical environment, and propose potential uses in the present and future health care delivery systems.

    He will demonstrate, through interactive lecture, illustrations, and experiential processes, the body’s intuitive way of communicating biological information.