Beverly Jaegers

The late Bevy Jaegers was a teacher, researcher, psychic investigator, and licensed investigator since 1974. With over thirty years of experience in the fields of psychic phenomena, Jaegers worked with individuals and with police aiding in investigations. She was featured on A&E’s The Unexplained, and was the author of The Psychic Paradigm. She was also a major force behind the US Psi Squad, a State of Missouri Registered Detective Agency, a group who in their spare time use mental abilities they have developed to help police and others.


    IRVA 2001 – Tracking Events and Criminals With Remote Viewing

    The ability of remote viewing to provide exact information and facts, including in some cases, Profiles such as those constructed by the FBI Behavioral Science Unit, is well known. What is not so well known is how this learned ability operates, and what kind of data it can retrieve. Extensive experience in working such cases has given the Psi Squad a unique viewpoint of just these factors.

    Although the assistance of remote viewers in law enforcement is usually dismissed as ‘unhelpful or invalid’, the fact is that not only do many Police Departments and Government Agencies consult the remote viewer; but they often do so when the case has just occurred rather than wait until the trail is cold, or they have no other option. In reality, this call for assistance may come right at the beginning of a case, as will be shown in one of the sequences we will cover.

    This program will detail, with session data, several of these cases:
    The Elizabeth West Slaying, a serial killer of a 14 year old girl in Illinois is brought to justice with the help of remote viewing. This case is one of the first to feature a Profile done by the remote viewing method.

    A case worked for a California Attorney involving a mysterious death in transit to a Hospital, solved through remote viewing and reconstruction of the events involved and including identification of the witnesses to the events themselves. The Attorney himself will be present during the presentation.

    The Sacramento Thrill Killer, Eric Royce Leonard, and how remote view Profiling is constructed and done, including the physical detail and in some cases – an actual name.

    A case involving a missing woman, whose body was located through a group remote viewing. Some of the remote viewing data in this case involves precognitive remote viewing.

    The Russian Nuclear Submarine, Kursk, and the series of remote views which revealed correctly that living seamen on the Kursk remained long after the accident that sank the submarine. This presentation will include the confirmation details and exact session data done during the remote view over a five-day period in August, 2000.

    IRVA 2000 – Psychic Research: Challenge Of The Future