Jack Houck

Jack Houck has been teaching people how to use their mental powers to bend metal implements for years. An engineer in the aerospace and defense industries, he conducted “PK parties” in the early 1980s for Gen. Bert Stubblebine and his staff at the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command in the Washington, DC area. Jack has been active in other, more scientifically-minded aspects of paranormal research, and brings a rich blend of experience and knowledge to the Conference.

Photo by: Robert M. Knight


    IRVA 2001 – Findings from the brain scans of 70 attendees from the 2000 Remote Viewing Conference

    Jack will present the results of the brain scans he provided for 70 attendees of last year’s conference.

    IRVA 2001 – PK Party

    Jack Houck is the originator of PK parties. PK parties are where a group of people perform psychokinesis while having fun. These events are sometimes known as spoon-bending parties. This will be Jack’s 346th PK Party which he has given for over 15,000 people. Bring your old spoons and forks to the conference

    IRVA 2000 – Mental Access Window (MAW) And Partial Access (PA)