Sandra Hilleard

Sandra Hilleard is a Professional Remote Viewer and Remote Viewing Trainer. Trained by David Morehouse in CRV and ERV in 2009, she previously worked as commissioned Artist in the Netherlands and some of her works have been sold at exhibitions. She worked in Aviation Security where she received a commendation for her work in Security and Aviation Security Training. She holds qualifications in Security, Investigations, and studied Forensic Facial Reconstruction via the University of Sheffield, UK, holds a diploma in Counseling & Hypnotherapy and additional qualifications in Psychology.

As a Remote Viewing consultant, she has provided information to several law enforcement agencies in Europe and the USA on missing persons and criminal cases. She is known for her ability to sketch persons of interest with enough detail for investigators and the public to recognise the person depicted in the composite sketch. Sandra uses a combination of her security and investigation background and interest in Forensic Art to complement her Remote Viewing skills. One of the most prominent cases she worked on was identifying a person of interest in the disappearance of Desmoine, Iowa resident, Mollie Tibbetts. That person was arrested within 48 hours after the Remote Viewing report was sent from Perth, Australia. The sketch was confirmed to be a “dead-ringer” of the person responsible for Mollie’s disappearance.


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