Rick Hilleard

Rick Hilleard has been trained in the skill of Remote Viewing by former military Remote Viewers in the USA. He commenced training with Maj. Ed Dames and has done training with Maj. David Morehouse. Rick is an active viewer who remains in contact with most of the retired Military Remote Viewers and works with several Remote Viewing groups across the globe. Rick is also a qualified Cert. IV trainer & assessor. Rick has been practising Remote Viewing since 1997 and invested a huge amount of hours in practising Remote Viewing, to the point where his accuracy is astonishing.


    IRVA 2017 – RV Down Under: 20 Years of Remote Viewing Training, Operations, and Growth

    Rick Hilleard of Australia’s “Remote Viewing Unit” will share his passion for RV with us, recounting some of the highlights of his two decade involvement in the field – first as a student, then as an operational remote viewer, and ultimately as a trainer.