Igor Grgić

Igor Grgić is an IT systems engineer from Croatia who has developed a software tool designed to help with the creation of experiments for ARV projects. The system is very complete and helps with the development of projects from initial design and selection of viewers to the identification and random selection of targets. It allows the designer to associate targets with predefined real-world events and evaluate the submitted remote-viewing information with the random targets.


    IRVA 2016 – ARV Studio Software

    As a result of all my work with ARV I designed and developed a computer program to help me conduct and manage ARV trials. A quick ARV refresher: we normally use Associative Remote Viewing for predicting an outcome of event through associating possible event outcomes with different photo targets and then using Remote Viewing to describe and sketch the target associated with what will be event’s actualized outcome.

    In a typical ARV trial -- before developing of ARV Studio -- I did a lot of manual work to carry out steps needed for each trial. At one point I had nine remote viewers in my group and managing was getting very time consuming. Therefore, I decided to code a computer program to automate most of the steps and phases in a typical ARV trial, not just to save great amount of time when managing the group, but also to reduce the possibility of human error to zero, and also -- to keep a record of all the data, and to have all data organized on a computer.

    ARV Studio is a result of managing my Associative Remote Viewing group known as P7B. Without the individuals who participate in P7B group as Remote Viewers, this software would never be developed.
    Therefore, special thanks goes to:
    Teresa Schnellmann, Jon Knowles, Carlos Mena, Mark Samuelson, Tom Cunningham, Loraine Connon, Michelle Beltran, Michael Straus, Diane Dyann and Zoltan Barta.

    NOTE: No video available for this presentation.