Patty Gallagher

Patty Gallagher is founder of Signal Line Remote Viewers, which runs an education page and a target practice group. She has been interested in divination since first learning palmistry in grammar school, and her interest in divination led her to also explore dowsing, scrying, and the Tarot.

Patty is trained in a traditional clinical counseling field and earned her master’s degree in social work. She is also an exhibiting studio artist, working in art costume, photography, and divination deck creation.


    IRVA 2021 – Time and Remote Influencing, Developing Protocol and Methods

    Patty Gallagher presents a study of the remote viewing template as a vehicle to influence future behavior and events. You learn about the background, process, and development of the study, the tailoring of the targeting/tasking, and a template to improve protocol and methods for intention work and focus on the techniques of remote influencing.