Christopher Barbour

Christopher Barbour is a PSI Detective, Profiler and Suspect Artist who has been respecting and researching intuition since the age of seven. He has studied intuition and psychic detective protocals extensively with Pam Coronado, and credits Pam with helping to transform his intuitive work. As a suspect artist, Christopher uses intuition and remote viewing to draw suspects for unsolved cases for various forms of law enforcement and families of murder victims. He is one of the certified Intuitives working for Pam Coronado’s non-profit organization Project Search For Hope and is featured in Michelle Cromer’s best selling book Where Am I Going? Christopher has also studied medical intuition and the human energy system with Caroline Myss and maintains a practice as a counseling intuitive.


    IRVA 2014 – Workshop: Sketching Human Faces for Remote Viewing

    Remote viewers are often presented with human targets. This workshop will cover the basics of sketching faces while staying on signal. If you are a stick figure artist then this workshop is designed for you. The key to drawing recognizable people is to notice the features that make their face unique or interesting and capture this quality on paper. Christopher has an uncanny ability to depict a person’s eyes properly and his work has even been run through facial recognition software for a match. Christopher will be teaching all of us his technical secrets. Pam Coronado will instruct on the intuitive process of viewing human faces. There will be at least one practice target during the workshop. You may bring your own charcoal pencils if you wish but they are not required.