Nélson Abreu

Nélson Abreu is Director of Consciousness Technologies at I-ACT, where he also lectures and consults on Organizational Well-Being. Nélson is an electrical engineer with a focus on smart grid, renewable energy, safety and reliability; and a consciousness technologist, educator, and author. He began experiencing and studying transformative, “”multidimensional”” consciousness phenomena such as out-of-body experiences in 1998. He has developed the Neuma mindfulness app and co-developed the Phazr vibro-acoustic platform. Both facilitate altered states and profound relaxation for creative and spiritual insight, pain and stress relief. He has developed original workshops and taught about OBEs, subtle energy mindfulness, lucid dreaming, intuition and personal development at IAC since 2003. These experiences have provided Nelson with valuable insights into human relationships, purpose, performance, development, motivation, wellness and happiness.”


    IRVA 2018 – Quantifying Biofield Strength Using Biological Sensors

    A measure of bioenergy influence or exteriorization and a method to indirectly measure it are proposed. The method employs differential color analysis of wilting flowers in water. A simplified method using pixel analysis of photographs of treated and untreated flowers is described. Sample data is analyzed for illustrative purposes. Recommendations for ongoing development are described, setting the stage for future experimental programs.