Damon Abraham, Ph.D.

Damon Abraham, PhD, is a research consultant and adjunct professor with a research background in experimental psychology focusing on emotion, emotion self-regulation, and mental representa- tion. He has several clandestine research interests focusing on non-local consciousness (OBEs, NDEs etc.), non-local perception (remote viewing/pre- cognition), and non-local influence (RNGs, micro & macro PK effects etc.). His interests center on the intersection of consciousness, psi, and AI as it pertains to augmented human potential and per- sonal growth and development. He is part of the team behind the Entangled app, a mobile platform based on the Global Consciousness Project that turns user’s smartphones into random event ge- nerators (REGs) and tests for group-consciousness effects. Damon sits on the board of directors for Consciousness Hacking Colorado.


    IRVA 2022 - Content vs. Meaning in Images: Creating an Open-sourced Target Pool for RV Research