Remote Viewing Student Membership Application

Welcome to IRVA!

IRVA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of remote viewing. We are an independent organization of scientists, researchers, remote viewing instructors and students, and other interested persons supported by memberships and donations. Your complimentary remote viewing student membership includes a 10% discount on IRVA conference registration fees; access to members-only discussion groups including the FOCAL POINT remote viewing target practice group; dozens of hours of remote viewing conference video; current and previous editions of IRVA’s remote viewing magazine, Aperture; and online access to the CIA’s Star Gate Remote Viewing Archives and companion guide.

NOTE: Remote viewing student memberships are available to new members only. By submitting this form, you agree that you are not a past member of IRVA, and you are currently training with a remote viewing instructor that is a member in good standing with IRVA. IRVA reserves the right to verify student applications. Your student membership will expire in one year, and is non-renewable. If you find value in your membership, and wish to support IRVA, you may upgrade anytime to an Associate, Tasker, Sustainer, or Lifetime membership.