David J. Oates

David J. Oates

David J. Oates

David J. Oates is the founder and developer of Reverse Speech technologies. He was the first person to document speech reversals in human speech in 1983, and has worked extensively since then on research and development, as well as maintaining a therapeutic and consulting practice.

David has had an active career spanning 24 years furthering the field of Reverse Speech. He has developed new theories, and designed therapeutic and training techniques. He has published several books on Reverse Speech, including Beyond Backward Masking, Voices From The Unconscious, Its Only A Metaphor, and numerous tapes and training manuals. He has lectured around the world and trained hundreds of students.

He has also instigated some of the first mainstream studies and presented Reverse Speech on many popular radio shows, including his own show, The David John Oates Reverse Speech Show. In the United States, he has appeared on many television programs, including CNNs, Larry King Live, Geraldo, Leeza Gibbons, Strange Universe, and Extra. In Australia, he has appeared on Good Morning Australia, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, and Today. His work has also been featured in papers and well known publications such as The New York Times, Harpers Review, Omni magazine and Discover magazine.He currently resides in Adelaide, South Australia.

IRVA 2011 – Can Reverse Speech Benefit the Remote Viewing Community


This presentation will initially discuss the theory of reverse speech, presenting examples and studies that support its existence, and its uses and applications for society in general. Then, using case studies, we will discuss its specific uses in remote viewing and how it can enhance both the skills of the viewer and the thoroughness of their analysis.


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