Elly Molina

Elly Molina

Elly Molina

Elly Molina founder and CEO of Beyond the Crescent Moon has appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates across the country.

Elly began working in the Psychic Realm in the late 80’s. She is the leading expert in children’s psychic and intuitive development and the author of the forthcoming book, Psi-kids Teaching Children How to Access, Develop and Trust their intuition. She is also the author of “Annabelle and the Domino,” an illustrated children’s book about a young girl who learns telekinesis.

Elly is passionate about demonstrating how to use psychic and intuitive abilities in our daily lives. Elly holds a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and has taught children and adults for more than three decades. Elly provides intuitive consultations, visionary coaching and conducts workshops and classes. Her classes are geared to developing children’s intuitive and psychic ability. She has created a successful children’s program, known as Your Child’s Powerful ID (Intuitive Development).

Elly is dedicated to helping children and adults develop and utilize their intuitive abilities, whereby enhancing experiences of everyday living and forging new realms of possibility in human potential. “Learning to use our intuition, one of our untapped human resources, is our birthright,” says Elly. “Intuition has recently been emerging into mainstream society as an important ingredient in what we consider genius and it is a subtle guide to enhancing our daily living. I have created Beyond the Crescent Moon to bring it into mainstream culture and have everyone learn to use it as reliably and naturally as our other senses.”

IRVA 2015 – PSI Kids-Teaching Access to Psychic Abilities


During this presentation, participants will learn easy Remote Viewing Techniques to use with children, demonstrating children’s natural ability to RV, whereby utilizing this skill to enhance self esteem and make a difference for our world.

I will describe the experiences, methods and results I have had with young children and demonstrate how to teach RV to children. I will provide experiences from my personal, informal research, which covers over 8 years of practicing RV skills with children from as young as 3 to teens/ young adults.

This presentation is geared to showing how young children have this ability naturally and that when this skill is developed, it helps with improving self esteem, mindfulness, responsibility of ones actions, in and out of classroom situations, and the world as a whole.

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